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      Detect early, respond swiftly

      Security incidents and vulnerabilities are detected, corrected, and managed through Autodesk’s Security Incident Response Plan.

      How we manage security incidents

      Autodesk continuously monitors the environment for threats and takes detective, corrective, and protective measures to ensure a swift response.

      • Monitoring and visibility

        We closely monitor for threat indicators and use a variety of monitoring and visibility tools to quickly identify anomalous behavior.

      • Threat intelligence and sharing

        We obtain insight from internal and external indicators and take proactive steps to defend against malicious activity, threats, and ongoing exploits so we can respond appropriately.

      • Containment and remediation

        When the appropriate response is identified, we work closely with cross-functional teams to eradicate the threat from our environment and validate that removal was successful.

      How we coordinate our response

      Autodesk Security responds to any security incidents or vulnerabilities detected internally or reported through external parties.

      • Responding to security incidents

        We are committed to investigating every security incident and determining the appropriate response, including timely and consistent communication with our customers. If a security incident, vulnerability, or patch notice requires your attention, we will post security updates through the Trust Center on the Security Advisories page.

        With more sensitive matters, we may inform you directly with the latest information, in accordance with applicable law.

      • Reporting a security vulnerability

        We support coordinated disclosure for security vulnerabilities that are privately reported to us and will work closely with researchers to drive a resolution plan. If you identify a potential security vulnerability, please report it to Autodesk Security.